It’s a rather broody photo shoot for two stars who are on top of the world right now — with their hit drama Moonlight Drawn By Clouds breaking twenty percent ratings this past week, Park Bo-gum and Kim Yoo-jung should really be dancing in these photos, no? Here they are for Elle Korea, answering questions directly from their fans.

Kim Yoo-jung said that filming was so hard at first that she wanted to run away, but over time the entire cast and crew has become like a family: “Park Bo-gum oppa treats me very well. We’re like brother and sister. Before we started shooting, we went to eat and read together to try and become friendlier, but I was so shy that we weren’t very close. But once we suffered together on set, we naturally became friendly. Now Bo-gum oppa, Jinyoung oppa, Kwak Dong-yeon oppa, and the other eunuch sunbaenims and I are comfortable like family.”

When asked about his ideal type, Park Bo-gum said, “I like someone who’s comfortable like a friend, who also takes care of me like a mom.” That sound you hear is the collective sigh of all the noonas ’round the world.

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