Would it kill Farrah Abraham to be calm and reasonable, or even to just make sense once in her whole damn life? We can only assume it would. Farrah must have some sort of condition in which it would literally kill her if she was an OK person, even just once. That's the only logical explanation for the way she is. So let's keep that in mind when going over this new interview Farrah did with Radar. Every time she opens her big, dumb mouth, she's just trying to survive. It won't make hearing this stupidity any easier, but hey, it might help you keep a little hope alive. In the interview, Farra
As you've surely heard by now, Kanye West was hospitalized yesterday after suffering an emotional breakdown. And, well, it's been a long time coming. Kanye's been going off a lot lately, even more than usual -- over the weekend, things got so bad for him that he even slammed his former close friends, Beyonce and Jay Z, in front of thousands during a concert. On Monday, he canceled his tour altogether, so when, a few hours after that, we heard that cops had taken him to UCLA Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation, we sadly weren't very surprised. Originally, the word was that Kanye was
Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are probably among the most beloved couples in Hollywood. But that might be soon to change, thanks to new reports about the actors allegedly neglecting and abandoning their pet Chihuahua. According to TMZ, the problems started when Faris adopted the dog named Pete about four years ago. At the time, Faris signed an agreement with rescue shelter operator Laurel Kinder, stating that she would pay a fine of $5,000 if she ever gave the dog to a different owner. On Friday, Pete was found wandering the streets of North Hollywood and was reportedly badly emaciated. Pete w
It's a good thing Thanksgiving is coming up in a couple of days, because we are thankful AF right now. And that's because -- brace yourself -- we have a new Prince song. We. Have. A. New. Prince. Song. Yes, this is real life. And yes, you can listen to it right here. It's like a Thanksgiving miracle that Prince threw down to us from heaven to tell us not to get discouraged, that yeah, the world is pretty terrible but it did, at one point, give us such a beautiful legend. It's enough to bring a tear or two (or two thousand) to your eye. The song is called "Moonbeam Level
Following last week's Top 12 results, culling the field down to 11 with the elimination of Sa'Rayah, the survivors returned again on Monday. The margin for error? Slim to none at this point. Who sent a message that they could really be named The Voice - and who might be at risk of being the next singer(s) ousted tonight?! Ler's break down the performances... Ali Caldwell Ali Caldwell opted to sing "9 to 5" by Dolly Parton. It was a surprisingly upbeat performance that proved she took last week's feedback on board. The judges seemed to enjoy this change of pace for the competitor.  Sundance
Kate Gosselin claims that her kids just aren't that into Jon Gosselin anymore.  In a brand-new issue of People magazine, Kate revealed that the kids miss their "old" daddy Gosselin, and aren't very pleased with the "new" one.  "I look at [Jon] honestly as two different people," the Kate Plus 8 star revealed. "Back in the day, he could change diapers faster than anyone, he was there, he was involved, ever-present, very involved, the kids remember him that way, as well." "I can remember those good days without any jaded ugliness," she admitted. "The kids and I remember those days because they
Kris Jenner likes to exercise tight control over which information about her family goes public. That may sound like a funny thing to say about the woman who gave us the Kim Kardashian sex tape, but it's important to remember that that famous privacy violation was carefully orchestrated by Kris in order to boost Kim's career. Obviously, it worked better than expected, but now it's up to Kris to keep her daughters in the limelight, and these days she's acutely aware of the fact that not all press is good press. As you may have heard, Kanye West was hospitalized for exhaustion last night. The
With everything that's happening in the world these days, all the violence and the hate and the sadness, you'd think that people would be able to save their outrage for things that actually mattered. You'd think that, but you'd be so incredibly, woefully wrong. Donald Trump is putting white supremacists in charge of the U.S., but people are pissed about some onesies that Olivia Wilde bought for her baby. Why are you like this, 2016? To give a little background, Olivia has always been a loud and proud feminist. In September, back when she was still pregnant, she revealed the gender of her ba
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