Oh, those wacky Kardashians ... is there anything they won't do for some money and/or some attention? Seriously, is there? Because it's really, really not looking like it. It seems like this families first instinct in literally every situation is just "film it!", to film every single thing they ever, ever do in life so that they can put it on television where many people will watch it and talk about it. That way, they will get paid forever, they will get attention forever, and we are all caught in this vicious cycle, right along with Kris and Co. But it's so hard to break the cycle, isn't i
On Wednesday, November 9, shortly after 11:50 am, Hillary Clinton uttered the words that tens of millions of Americans never thought they would hear: "Donald Trump is going to be our president," Clinton told a crowd of supporters who had gathered in New York, many certain they would be celebrating an historic victory. "We owe him an open mind and a chance to lead." It was a gracious acceptance of a crushing defeat, and it seemed the speech was likely to serve as the conclusion of Clinton's decades-long, glass-ceiling-shattering political career. Now, however, a group of election lawyers and
Being a prominent reality TV show couple, Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell want to be shown in the best possible light in the hopes that viewers will connect with them, allowing their TV show to continue on for another season.  That seemed to be the case on Ben & Lauren Happily Ever After? Season 1 Episode 7 when the pair celebrated their first anniversary by giving back.  Yeah, we're going to keep it vague until we get to the part with them actually giving back. The couple really went through a whole lot of emotional drama last week. There were therapy sessions, arguments and Ben callin
Was Abby Lee Miller be able to reel the Elites back in after a whole season of treating them like crap? That was her plan on Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 32, when she realized that time was running out to save her dance studio.  If you watch Dance Moms online, you probably know that Abby is never one to admit defeat and would rather trash her peers some more, before muttering an apology under her breath.  That's just what she's like and there's no sugar coating it.  We picked up with the Elite moms letting Abby know their kids would be competing in the competition, but not under her leadersh
For Dancing With the Stars' Season 23 competitors, it was the night they had been dreaming about since selection Monday this summer.  The final three remaining celebrities gave it everything they had, with a spot in the pantheon of Mirror Ball trophy winners on the line. Jana Kramer's elimination left just a trio of stars standing with an opportunity to claim the coveted title of DWTS champion. They are: 1. Calvin Johnson (and Lindsay Arnold) 2. Laurie Hernandez (and Val Chmerkovskiy) 3. James Hinchliffe (and Sharna Burgess) We kicked things off with all of the participants performing a dan
Who is going home on The Voice this week? It's never an easy question to answer, but the voters answer it just the same, and it went down to the wire Tuesday as it always does on NBC. Downloads of The Voice Top 11 performances were one component of The Voice results, along with online, Facebook and app votes. And, of course, there is the Twitter save. Those in danger of going home must first sing for their lives, then await the results IN REAL TIME of viewers Tweeting their support.  This week, much like last week's Voice results, there were two singers at the bottom, one save, and only one
Gwyneth Paltrow has officially lost our vote for "reasonable human."  JK, LOL, she never had it.  But especially now, after Page Six released details about her speech at the Airbnb Open conference this past Saturday emerged, we're revoking her card permanently.  About President-elect Donald Trump, Paltrow said, "It’s such an exciting time to be an American because we are at this amazing inflection point." "People are clearly tired of the status quo, and … it’s sort of like someone threw it all in the air and we’re going to see how it all lands." "It’s very important for me, personally, now
Before we learned that Meghan Markle is dating Prince Harry, she was best known as one of the stars of Suits by the dozen of so people who watch Suits. But despite her role on the long-running USA Network series (which we assume takes place in a Men's Wearhouse, or something), Markle was never a household name until she got involved with Harry. We're not saying that's the sole reason that she's so keen to make this relationship work (There's a lot to like about the Ginger Prince), but it probably plays a role in her decision to totally upend her life if that's what it takes to keep Harry hap
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