Rita Ora is most definitely siding with Justin Bieber in the wake of him punching a fan in Barcelona.  There has been a mixed response to Justin punching the 18-year-old fan who put his head in the window of the vehicle the singing sensation was in.  "I'm not speaking for anybody, but knowing him and his incredible background, I know how it feels to be uncomfortable and scared," Rita revealed. "I feel like anyone who had a hand in their face is going to protect themselves," she added. "There are definitely moments where [fans] cross over the boundary of it becoming almost scary." Ora defini
Fidel Castro, the controversial Cuban revolutionary turned head of state, has passed away at the age of 90. Castro brought Communism to Cuba and led the island nation through a tumultuous five decades, partially retiring from public service and handing the reins to his brother Raul in 2008. Raul's administration issued an official statement confirming Fidel's death just moments ago. One of the few Marxist-Leninist leaders of the Western world, Castro was a widely distrusted figure in the US. He remained ideologically at odds with the American government throughout his time in office, first
Well, this is uncomfortable. But hey, we're talking about Sister Wives here, what did you expect? Last year, in a time that will surely live on forever in your trashy reality show-loving heart, Meri Brown admitted that she'd gone and gotten herself involved with a catfish. After divorcing her husband, Kody Brown -- they were the only ones legally married, so they legally divorced so he could marry Robyn, but they maintained that "spiritual marriage" he has with all the wives -- Meri went through a rough time. She began talking to a man, and then went on to have a sort
Selena Gomez is fresh out of rehab, and is positively dripping with peace, happiness, and inspiration. Positively. Dripping. She spent nearly two months at a rehab center in Tennessee to get help with the depression and anxiety that had popped up as side effects from her lupus. That was an inspirational move in itself -- not too many celebrities as popular as Selena would take time off during the prime of their careers to better themselves, as we know all too well. But then she made her first post-rehab appearance at last week's American Music Awards, and, well, she pretty much just owned
Say what you will about Taylor Swift -- call her out on her shady songwriting habits, that weird overlap in her relationships with Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston, the Kimye debacle, whatever -- but you know the girl is America's Sweetheart. She has been since she came onto the scene with that curly hair and that open heart all those years ago, and she will be for the rest of all time. She could probably murder someone, like actual murder, and people would still be like "Awww, forgivesies!" Part of the reason for this is that she holds so many American traditions near and dear
Florence Henderson, a veteran actress best known and forever loved for her role on The Brady Bunch, died on Thursday in Los Angeles. She was 82 years old. The Hollywood star reportedly passed away while surrounded by family and friends after suffering heart failure, her manager said in a statement late last night. According to Henderson's publicist, The Brady Bunch matriarch had been hospitalized on Wednesday and left this world at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Henderson portrayed Carol Brady on the original Brady Bunch, which concluded in 1974, along with various forms and remakes such as T
Before Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, a string of celebrities made it pretty clear they would flee to Canada if the unthinkable happened.  As you are probably already aware, the unthinkable happened, but did any of the celebrities stick to their plan to move to Canada? One celebrity who is not sticking to their original plan is Lena Dunham. Lena was very vocal about her intentions to bid adieu to her home country, but it appears that she is staying put.  Dunham took to Instagram to life the lid on her reasons for staying and they may well surprise you.  “Today I re
Happy Thanksgiving, from the whole THG family to yours. What would a quintessential, uniquely American holiday be without family, food, football and appreciation for the things we hold dearest? Nothing. But this year it's taken on a special meaning. Here at The Hollywood Gossip, on this twenty-fourth day of November, the year Two Thousand Sixteen, we honor some impressive turkeys. By that, we mean some of the celebrities we've had the honor, the pleasure, and the burden of covering here over the past 10.87 months. Or in the case of the winner, about that many years. Who ruffled the most fea
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