DIA Records Song With Enthusiasts For New Albumilmare42 August 13, 2016 0 DIA is celebrating 12 months since their debut by way of recording a tune with fans!
Added the impending Korean drama "The Guy In My House"'s page to HanCinema database"The Man In My House" (2016)Directed by way of Kim Jeong-min-IIIWritten by Kim Eun-jeongNetwork : KBSWith Yoon Si-yoon (Pending), Soo-ae (Pending),...SynopsisA romantic comedy drama in accordance with an customary web-toon about a tender man who claims he's the father, and his family
The City That Never Sleeps is about to be kept even wider awake. Why? Because Love & Hip Hop Season 7 kicks off on VH1 on Monday, November 21. And have we got quite the extended sneak peek for loyal fans of this beloved reality show! VH1 has released an extended trailer for the return of the original installment in a franchise that has spawned a pair of spinoffs, one set in Hollywood and another set in New York. But you simply can't top the original, especially not when Felicia “Snoop” Pearson from The Wire joins the cast this fall. Look for her and girlfriend
Long before they were married dudes careening down the far side of the over-50 hill, Brad Pitt and George Clooney were single guys, threesoming their way up the other side of that hill. While Brad and George were probably never full-blown besties as some gossip rags breathlessly reported, they did collaborate on  films and (Ocean's 11 through 49: The Legend of Curly's Gold), and seem to enjoy bro-ing out at Clooney's Lake Como pad. But from the start of Pitt's relationship with Jolie, there were rumors that she wasn't crazy about Hollywood's most A-list bromance. And it's not hard to see wh
According to a recent report, Justin Bieber is getting married to Selena Gomez. Why are we hesitant to believe this, however? Aside from the fact that Gomez and Bieber are barely even talking these days and definitely NOT getting married? Because new evidence has surfaced that proves Bieber is perhaps lonelier than he ever has been before. Over the weekend, Bieber continued his world tour via a concert at the O2 Arena Prague in the Czech Republic. There was nothing especially unusual about this show, but there was something quite unusual about what happened after the show. An ad - sponsored
I’m really digging the emotion in this shoot, because it tells a story—a story with cuddling and Victorian dresses and random prisms, but a story nonetheless. Hey, when you’ve got professionally pretty people like Ji Chang-wook and Yoon-ah in front of your lens, who’s to complain?The actors are gearing up for the premiere of their much-anticipated action drama The K2 this weekend, and can be seen here in their October spread for Vogue magazine. I feel like we’ve been waiting for this drama for ages (thanks to the media blitz), so let’s get on with the show! Who&#
Park So-dam (Cinderella and the Four Knights) has made her stamp as a rising Chungmuro star at the young age of 25. Nicknamed “The Jewel of Indie Films,” she has been praised by critics for showing a talent beyond her years. Recently, she gave a drinking interview where she talked about carving a path for herself in the Korean entertainment business.Her first commercial film debut was in last year’s The Silenced, where she played a student at an all-girls sanatorium. But her official breakout performance was in Black Priests with Kim Yoon-seok and Kang Dong-won, where she wa
Aw, I’m glad to have an update on Shin Dong-wook (Wish Upon a Star, Soulmate), even if it’s not to say he’s been cast in a drama or has concrete plans to return to acting. The actor has been out of the spotlight for the past five years after he was diagnosed with a rare illness, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CPRS), and I’d occasionally wondered how he was doing because there have been very few updates since then. Now he has announced the upcoming publication of a novel he wrote in the intervening years while undergoing treatment, which will be released next month.(..