Florence Henderson, a veteran actress best known and forever loved for her role on The Brady Bunch, died on Thursday in Los Angeles. She was 82 years old. The Hollywood star reportedly passed away while surrounded by family and friends after suffering heart failure, her manager said in a statement late last night. According to Henderson's publicist, The Brady Bunch matriarch had been hospitalized on Wednesday and left this world at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Henderson portrayed Carol Brady on the original Brady Bunch, which concluded in 1974, along with various forms and remakes such as T
Before Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, a string of celebrities made it pretty clear they would flee to Canada if the unthinkable happened.  As you are probably already aware, the unthinkable happened, but did any of the celebrities stick to their plan to move to Canada? One celebrity who is not sticking to their original plan is Lena Dunham. Lena was very vocal about her intentions to bid adieu to her home country, but it appears that she is staying put.  Dunham took to Instagram to life the lid on her reasons for staying and they may well surprise you.  “Today I re
Happy Thanksgiving, from the whole THG family to yours. What would a quintessential, uniquely American holiday be without family, food, football and appreciation for the things we hold dearest? Nothing. But this year it's taken on a special meaning. Here at The Hollywood Gossip, on this twenty-fourth day of November, the year Two Thousand Sixteen, we honor some impressive turkeys. By that, we mean some of the celebrities we've had the honor, the pleasure, and the burden of covering here over the past 10.87 months. Or in the case of the winner, about that many years. Who ruffled the most fea
Don't you just adore Selena Gomez? Of course you do: you're human, and you have eyes and ears and hearts. What's not to adore? Unfortunately, our girl hasn't been doing all that great recently. As you surely know, things got so bad that she even went off to rehab for nearly two whole months. She sought treatment at a secluded center in Tennessee because she'd been having a hard time dealing with depression and anxiety, which she said had developed as side effects of her lupus. (But we're sure all that nasty feuding with Justin Bieber that happened before she went off didn't exactly help any
Lady Gaga is not about to let trolls trash Kanye West in the wake of him winding up in hospital.  There are conflicting reports about why Kanye was actually hospitalized, but it seems like it's either exhaustion, or a mental breakdown.  Kanye is probably most well known for speaking his mind. Whether he's calling Taylor Swift out for being a liar, or trashing Beyonce, he really has no filter.  However, Lady Gaga was quick to point out to her followers that the rapper should not be mocked during this tough time.  In a series of tweets, she went to town on the trolls and extended her well wis
Kanye West is set to spend Thanksgiving in hospital after being admitted just a few days ago for what some are describing as a "psychotic breakdown." We know a lot of you probably knew it was only a matter of time before something like that happened.  His behavior is genuinely all over the place. You never really know which celebrity he's going to take issue with next. It must be exhausting for his friends and loved ones.  Perhaps his most iconic moment was the time the 39-year-old ruined Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the MTV VMAs, saying Beyonce deserved to win the award.  That was d
In honor of this season of family togetherness, allow us to share with you a story of father-daughter bonding that's downright ... *throws up in mouth* touching. As you may have heard, Donald Trump was elected president recently in an election that shocked literally everyone, including Donald Trump. The last two weeks have been filled with reminders that Trump had little expectation of getting elected, not the least of which is that his wife and youngest son clearly have no intention of moving into the White House with him. Of course, we can't blame Barron for not wanting to change schools
When one thinks of efforts to bridge the gap between people of different faiths and help our nation heal during times of widening divisions, Amazon probably isn't the first organization to come to mind. Nevertheless, the online retail giant has debuted a new holiday commercial that seems to be a direct response to the growing problem of Islamophobia in the Western World. Set in England, the ad features an Episcopal priest and a Muslim cleric enjoying tea and griping about shared ailments. Eventually they part company and use Amazon's Prime service to send one another presents. Each