Dave Chappelle is officially, 100%, totally and completely back. The comedian, who received rave reviews for his Saturday Night Live hosting stint on November 12, has signed a pretty major deal with Netflix. Scroll down for details... The streaming company has announced on Twitter that it will release a trio of new comedy specials from Chappelle at various points in the near future. No release dates have been revealed as of this writing. However, we can confirm that one of the specials will be an original set filmed exclusively for Netflix, while the remaining two wil be from “Chappelle’s p
If you're a fan of the Duggar clan, then you probably know by now that Joy-Anna Duggar is courting Austin Forsyth. Courting is like the Duggar version of dating, but with ten times the pressure to commit and one-one billionth of the the physical contact. Forget sleeping together, courting Duggars aren't even allowed to kiss or "front hug," so when it's time for their chaste dates, the Duggars bring along chaperones, presumably to spray them with a hose or something if their urges start to get the better of them. Typically, the chaperone duties fall to parents or older s
How is this for ironic? Just a few weeks after Twitter hosted a Taylor Swift is Over Party, users have now gathered to celebrate the supposed demise of Swift's chief rival. Sorry, Kanye West. But you've insulted your fans one too many times, culminating in the cancelation of your Saint Pablo Tour because you're just too gosh darn tired. In response to this development, the #KanyeIsOverParty has congregated on Twitter. Here are a few examples of what its attendees have said...1. He Dissed the Queen in Public!Imagine what he has to say about her in private!2. Who Ended Kanye?T
Meghan Markle has problems. They're problems that a lot of women would like to have, but they're problems nonetheless. As you've likely heard by now, Meghan is dating Prince Harry. There are conflicting reports about how serious the relationship is, but we know that Harry recently spent his own money on a security team to protect Markle, so we think it's safe to say this is more than just a fling. Anyway, there are some downsides to banging a royal, and Meghan has been experiencing them in a big way these past few weeks. We're sure the good outweighs the bad, but the fact remains that Markl
Life will be like a hurricane over in Duckburg once again next year, when the long-rumored Duck Tales reboot finally debuts on Disney XD. You know what this TV development means, right? Buzzfeed readers ages 35-40 and obsessed with stuff from when they were kids can now smother their own offspring with the same exact s--t.  Ah, the circle of commercialism and nostalgia. Woo-oo! The original cartoon aired from 1987-90, and followed the adventures of miserly but loveable business tycoon mallard Scrooge McDuck. Not unlike McDuck, who was so loaded he literally swam in
Kanye West is pulling the plug on the rest of his Saint Pablo Tour.  It hardly comes as a surprise when you consider all of the issues that have plagued the tour.  It sure seems like Kanye has lost his bearing on time, or he just doesn't give a damn and wants to show up whenever he wants.  That's sort of what divas do.  We're hearing that the unlucky people who have tickets will be entitled to refunds for what they spent on the tickets.  Rightfully so.  A source was quick to deny the rapper was heading for a meltdown. In fact, the star allegedly needs some rest.  “It’s nothing like that,”
Stevie J has a proposal for Joseline Hernandez. No, not that kind of proposal. Don't be crazy! But the iconic Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star does have an offer to make to his occasional lover, although it's unclear at this time whether or not Hernandez will accept. For several weeks now, Joseline has been showing off her expecting figure on Instagram. She's been proudly talking up her baby bump and counting down the days until she gives birth in January, while making it VERY clear that Stevie J is the father of her impending child. Those who watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta online or on
Prince's sister Tyka Nelson took the stage at the American Music Awards with a message inspired by her brother, the late music legend. "Prince defied the odds," the icon’s sister said in emotional speech. “A black teen from Minneapolis with a goal to electrify the world." "He had the courage to be different. With his vision [and] God-given talent, he is still one of the world’s most respected and loved artists.” Prince died in April of this year. Nelson, 56, accepted her brother's posthumous Top Album trophy for his 1984 smash Purple Rain.